29 Nov 2011

Run away

I wonder how long it would take me
to run away tonight.

To leave it all behind, the past and the future
filled with agony, screams and despair.
Black blood dripping from my heart,
a scar through my damaged soul.

I wonder how long it would take me
to crush my fears tonight.

Wings, choking me slowly,
whispering sweet words into my ear.
I never belonged in the shadows,
but they always longed for me.

I wonder how long it would take me
to wipe away my tears tonight.

So long I wish you farewell
my choked sobs, won't you ever stop?
Tears of silver, pain of gold
and a never ending fall.

I wonder how long it would take me
to forget about the past?

The sand slowly falls
the clock silently ticks,
time urges me to move on,
but I am forever lost in what once was.

I wonder how long it would take me,
yes I wonder,
how long?

16 Nov 2011

Beloved, goodbye

A raven's taunting cry,
snow slowly falling down.
Beloved ones, hidden in black,
gathered where hope faded away.

Last words of goodbye, silent sobs,
depression lingers like a big grey cloud,
only waiting to release something,
something that could ease the pain,
of the loss of a beloved soul.

14 Nov 2011

Crumpled paper

It's all about her.
Her broken dreams, that she'll never dream again.
Her trust to the world, destroyed, just like her soul.
Shattered, seeking, yes, almost mad,
she wanders along the streets at night,
wondering if at least the stars can tell
why nobody comes to pick her up from the ground when she's fallen,
why she always fought for everything her entire life,
why everything is happy on the outside, but then the wall just falls appart,
and there she is, with nothing.
She knows, that hope might be the only thing that'll always be there,
despite the darkness she might be in,
but right now, it is hard to see.
After all, she's just a girl with broken dreams and a shattered soul...

13 Nov 2011


Someday, I'll be free. Dreams may last forever, but reality won't.
Slowly, we will be punished. Punished for what we've done, for what we haven't done.
We're already blamed for things we didn't do, I still cary the bruises and scars deep within my heart.
If you don't believe me, fine, be deaf to the obvious, and ignore what lies ahead of you.
But someday, I know the ropes that have bound my wings back for so long, will be eased by you.
The knot will untie more and more, with every kiss, with every 'I love you', because in love, we still have hope. Dreams may last forever, and our love will, too.
And then someday, my wings will spread, and I'll be free.