9 Jan 2012


Inside the scarlet darkness I linger,
forever torn between death and life,
quickly I remind myself of breathing,
escaping the horror of the darkenss I live in.

I did not choose
I did not cry
I did not smile
I did not deny.

Drip, drop,
shards raining down on me,
ripping my soul,
leaving only scars.

I did not bleed
I did not fear
I did not leave
I did not scream.

Hush, I choke on my screams,
struggling, coughing,
running far away
where there is no light.

I did not speak
I did not hear
I did not stay
I did not see.

Dear, you don’t know me
smiling, hiding the truth
I cannot bear
yet even tell.

I did not think
I did not reveal
I did not carry
I did not lie.

Hold me in your arms
keep me from myself,
hide myself somewhere
where I can’t hurt myself.

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